The Adherial Advantage

Adherial provides a white-label platform.

for Agencies, Benefits Consultants and PEO's to deliver an all-in-one wellness and benefit management solution to each of their employer clients.

Adherial addresses the complexities and costs of managing, distributing and tracking participation in corporate health and wellness plans.

Adherial supports complete corporate health benefits administration as well as management for each covered member by providing:

  • Efficient communication channel
  • Push “smart” insurance cards, benefit summaries, or health assessments
  • Collect client feedback and questions
  • Interactive activities plan
  • Push wellness or other activities, and automatically track user response
  • Unified messaging platform
  • Rich options; including in-app messages, email, SMS, and Voice
  • Company-wide or targeted sub-groups or individuals
  • Integrated points tracking
  • Human Resources and Benefit Plan Consultants or Third Party Administrator sets up points system, all users can immediately use Customizable reporting
  • Adoption rates, assessment completion, activity tracking, etc.
  • Agnostic solution supporting any plan, provider, or activity
  • Support for both Desktop and Mobile client
  • Health and wellness app delivery
  • Supports 3rd party apps, data exchange, etc.
  • A scalable, HIPAA compliant cloud solution with no added IT support costs

Adherial offers a new standard in outreach and compliance, delivering dialog, accountability, participation and outcome.

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