Benefit Consultants, PEO's

Streamline the delivery of your wellness and benefit solutions to employers and beneficiaries. Adherial’s platform is both secure and HIPAA compliant. Our cloud based infrastructure supports rapid scaling, high availability and is built on existing standards that support rapid development and customization.

Reseller benefits

  • White-label solution allows for market differentiation and brand affinity
  • Sold exclusively thru Agencies, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Benefit Consultants
  • Focus on measurable ROI and lowering costs by effectively pushing healthy behaviors and lowering administrative costs
  • Rapid on-boarding and customization
  • Attract new customers through smart apps and unique features like “smart” insurance cards
  • Automatically track user response

Ultimate flexibility

  • Supports collaboration with employers to tailor health and wellness programs to individual constituencies and build shared ownership
  • Employers & Employees can track and manage individual member Health, Wellness and Health Saving plans
  • Add vertical applications with access to member info
  • Global or targeted messaging including tailored information, education, videos, condition management programs, etc.
  • Two way communication (email, SMS, banners, voice and video)
  • Configurable automated reminders and alerts
  • Provider agnostic (insurance, health. Etc.) information updated in real time, switch providers while maintaining the same user experience

Empowering members

  • Manage and track their health, wellness and incentive programs
  • Earn incentives based on completion rather than promises
  • Join conversations or support groups based on specific health topics
  • Easily engage with coaches, health experts and support groups