What is the “Adherial Platform”?

A cloud-based secure mobile and web based communication platform that enables activities within a benefits and wellness management solution. Using this tool, third party-insured and self-insured employers, insurance brokers, public and private employee associations as well as health care providers can deliver and administer benefits more effectively. Providers and beneficiaries interact directly and in a highly dynamic manner with employees and dependents resulting in better activity and benefit outcomes and satisfying the compliance needs of HR, IT and HIPAA via direct messaging.

What needs does Adherial serve?

Does the Adherial platform support communication with the covered members?

    Adherial offers a variety of options for communicating with members.
  1. Direct email, in-application messaging, SMS texting, and SMS to Speech.
  2. All can be targeted to an individual user or to defined groups.
  3. All communication channels can be set up as 2-way communication (message + structured reply).
  4. Only In-app messaging provides message receipt services.

Details regarding the process for tracking member engagement, including:

  1. Tracking individual message receipt. Not for email, but for in-app messaging.
  2. Tracking individual message opening. Not for email, but for in-app messaging.
  3. Tracking individual application downloads Yes
  4. Tracking individual application use Yes

What browsers does the Administration portal work on?

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet explorer.

How do members load their programs?

An initialization email is sent by the administrator and with one click the member application is installed.

What reports can be generated?

Highly customized reports are created by the administrator.

What distinguishes the Adherial platform from competitors?

  1. One stop for all member insurance, health and 3rd party benefit information.
  2. Agnostic Smart Card, supports any insurance provider or program.
  3. Configurable administration portals.
  4. Automated data input (Insurance, Payer and Patient Records data).

Can specific administration functions be delegated to other parties?

Yes, by the master administrator.